About Us


Galaxy Worldwide Shipping company is one of the top Auto Shipping Firms in UAE and the world since 2005. Galaxy provides fast, reliable, and high-quality shipping services. We can import or export your brand new, used or custom made cars, boats, bikes, and trucks from and to UAE and the world.

Galaxy Worldwide Shipping Company is committed to building a true and long-lasting relationship with the customers, providing reliable and sustainable shipping services which result an excellent client satisfaction.

Our adapting ability will make us to understand the market changes and to create new trends in our shipping services platforms. To get forward, we are likely to be more innovative and imaginative and we are making trustworthy projects while keeping up the industry consistency. We are trying to give a worldwide solution by connecting the hemispheres.

Galaxy Worldwide Shipping provides comprehensive services for the delivery of cars from USA, CANADA, Europe, Japan, and South Korea to the rest of the world. we work without intermediaries, so we offer low prices for our customers. We closely follow the latest market trends and always try to offer the best way to our valued clients to deliver their Autos & Goods along the chosen route.

The geography of our transportation covers almost the entire territory of USA, CANADA, all of Europe, and Middle East Central Asia. if you have inquiries to or from other parts of the world, we can provide shipping services worldwide. We closely follow the latest market trends and always try to offer the client the best way to deliver the goods along the chosen route.

We are delighted to announce to our valued clients that we aim to provide you an all in one services in near future as per our recent survey. most of our clients asked us along our shipping services, we support them with their vehicles purchase and sales services too; therefore we added the vehicles sales department in our company services portfolio which will be consist of helping our valued clients to buy the market demand vehicles and we will help them with sales services too.

The good news for our UAE, Oman, USA, Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan clients is that we have opened our wholly owned vehicles sales office/showroom in Sharjah/UAE, Muscat/Oman, USA/Los Angeles Canada/Ontario Germany/ Dusseldorf, Almaty/Kazakhstan, and Ashgabat/Mary Turkmenistan. Now the clients (Dealers and End Users) can buy cars from our Company UAE, Oman, USA, Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan  branches. for more information please contact our Sharjah, Muscat, Los Angeles, Ontario, Dusseldorf, Almaty, Ashgabat, and Mary offices. soon we will add such as services in our business portfolio in other countries too. 


Our Values

Quality Excellence: The quality reflects the strength and heritage of the company, and it represents our pride in what we do and how we make it possible. we are committed to innovation, continuous improvement and strong focus on the needs of our customers to deliver our service with high quality.

Diversity and inclusion: In everything we do, we strive for excellence. It is essential for success to exist in an environment of respect, dignity, and acceptance for every individual. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion requires each of us to continuously ensure our interactions be respectful, protect free speech and inspire organization freedom.

Authenticity & Accountability: We are inspired by our genuine care for our employees and clients. we strive to honor our commitments. We take responsibility to accomplish work, on-time, with the highest quality possible.

Integrity: Integrity creates trust and loyalty. As an international organization, collectively, it’s the most asset we have. Every action we take is infused with honesty, transparency, and respect for clients and colleagues alike.

Reliability: Delivering dependable, professional and sustainable services.

Teamwork: we believe that teamwork motivates unity in workplace thus it leads for more efficiency and productivity.


To Provide the highest level of service to our customers to build a true and long-lasting relationship. Provide reliable and dependable Shipping services and to be a reliable partner sustaining excellence and continually striving to improve our competencies and adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards.


We intend to identify and accomplish the goals and values of our customers, employees,and stakeholders. We envisage the expansion of our SEA and LAND freight services to the entire region within the next ten years and to be a leading competitive Vehicle shipping and logistics company in the region; setting the highest standards in the industry.

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